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The Burial Ground Sessions art
The Burial Ground Sessions

Southern California black metal band Lake of Blood is preparing to release a limited edition tape on Eternal Warfare Records entitled The Burial Ground Sessions, the follow-up to their recent and blistering As Time & Tide Erodes Stone. Stream one song from The Burial Ground Sessions, "In Wells of Shadow", as well as all of As Time & Tide Erodes Stone below. The LP, recorded/mixed by Nate Myers in June 2011 and mastered by Erol Ulug, marks the debut of new bassist Krajavic and drummer Xsithis. Get a digital copy of As Time & Tide Erodes Stone for name-your-own-price in digital format, or on vinyl.

Lake of Blood is also preparing to re-release their 2009 split with Panopticon (aka Austin of Seidr's black metal project) in digital format. Look for that on their bandcamp soon, and stream "Eternal in My Domain" from that release below in the meantime.

All streams are below.

Lake of Blood - In Wells of Shadow

Lake of Blood - Eternal in My Domain