Heavy metal vets Lamb of God's 2006 album Sacrament is getting its first-ever vinyl repress that's out August 5 and we've got an exclusive purple vinyl variant -- matching the album's artwork -- and it's limited to 500 copies worldwide. Preorder yours now.

You can also preorder Lamb of God's upcoming album, Omens, on an exclusive "silver gray marble" vinyl variant, limited to 1000 copies, as well as a CD picture disc, limited to 666. There's also an option to get both the vinyl and the CD as a bundle.

For more on Sacrament, here's an excerpt of the Revolver feature on LOG from 2006, when this LP was first released:

What's amazing about Lamb of God is that, for all of their maddening meticulousness, their music still sounds raw and passionate. Sacrament, the Richmond, Virginia–based band's second full-length studio release for Epic Records and fourth overall (or fifth, if you count the CD they made back in 1998 under the name Burn the Priest), is a rich, diverse-sounding record, with none of the Queensrÿche-ian blandness that one might expect to result from such painstaking attention to detail. Produced by Machine (who also helmed 2004's Ashes of the Wake), Sacrament boasts an impressive degree of sonic clarity, and the band's playing is tight and dexterous. And every one of the album's 11 cuts boils over with rage and frustration—not surprising at all, considering the often agonizing and fractious nature of the Sacrament sessions.

"There was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that went into this, and that sounds kind of clichéd and cheesy, but there really were some difficult points in this record," says Chris. "It took a lot out of us—kind of like it was a rite of passage. And when it was done, it was like, This is what we have to offer to the world—this is our sacred statement. And that's why we're calling it Sacrament."

Read more here and check out a pic of our variant and listen to the album below:


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