Kurt Wagner is back with a new Lambchop album, titled Showtunes, that's out May 21 via Merge / City Slang. Following a couple records heavy on vocoder and the all-covers Trip, Wagner made this one during lockdown with a new set of collaborators, including Ryan Olson of Gayngs and Poliça, James McNew of Yo La Tengo, co-producer Jeremy Ferguson, DJ Twit One, and more. “In hindsight, it made perfect sense,” Kurt says. “The original idea behind Lambchop was: anyone could be part of Lambchop (so long as they behaved themselves). This revolving-door policy is how the band has grown and contracted through our many years.”

The first single from the record is its opening cut, "A Chef's Kiss," a spare, somber, atmospheric piano song that Kurt calls, “a reflection on the temporal nature of life and ultimately of song itself. A ‘chef’s kiss’ being a gesture toward something perfected or well done, even loved.” You can watch the lyric video, and a rather eerie trailer for the album, below.


1 A Chef's Kiss (3:46)
2 Drop C (3:24)
3 Papa Was a Rolling Stone Journalist (2:01)
4 Fuku (7:07)
5 Unknown Man (4:25)
6 Blue Leo (3:05)
7 Impossible Meatballs (3:11)
8 The Last Benedict (4:07)

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