by Bill Pearis

Serious Rockers

As mentioned previously, Unblinking Ear Records (the new label started by WFMU DJ Paul Bruno) recently released a great new compilation cassette titled Serious Rockers which features 28 songs from new-ish bands. It includes tracks from The Gotobeds, Literature, Mike Pace & the Child Actors, My Teenage Stride, Lame Drivers and lots more that you may not have heard of but you might end up loving (the case for me on more than a few songs...hello, Shark Toys). You should really check it out, and you can listen to the whole thing below.

There's a Serious Rockers release show happening in NYC on February 7 at Pine Box Rock Shop (off the Morgan L stop) featuring five of the bands from the comp: Lame Drivers, Big Quiet, Invisible Days, Scupper and Snowmans of Love. It's $7 at the door and flyer is below.


Serious Rockers

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