Lana Del Rey's anticipated new album Did You Know That There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd is out on March 24, and she's shared a new single, "A&W." The seven minute track, which she co-wrote and co-produced with regular collaborator Jack Antonoff, begins as a gorgeous, melancholy ballad before segueing into an experimental electronic segment with spoken word passages from Lana. Hear it below.

Lana also appears on the cover of the March 2023 issue of Interview, where she speaks with Billie Eilish. She tells Billie that she finished writing her album in September, and that it includes a song about Antonoff's fiance Margaret Qualley. "So much of my life is sitting at my metaphorical desk alone and writing," Lana tells Billie. "But with this album, the majority of it is my innermost thoughts. Some of the songs are super long and wordy like 'Kintsugi' and 'Fingertips'” I was almost nervous to send the voice notes to Drew Erickson."

Billie tells Lana about her influence, saying, "You really paved the way for everyone. People have been trying to look and sound like you since you first started. I talk about this with Finneas. You changed the way the music industry hears and sees music, and you changed the way people sing." Lana laughed and replied, "That’s amazing because you do that," and Billie shot back, "It’s because of you, dude."

Regarding her own influences, Lana said, "In terms of everyone who’s paved the way for me, the way Cat Power delivered her songs in the ’90s and in the early 2000s, and even now—we’ve toured together and I’ve told her so many times, “I should be opening for you.” I was a high soprano, which you can kind of tell in the way that I talk, but her low tones, I would practice them the way she sang that song where she’s like, [sings] “Bay-be-doll.” I was like, “Oh my gosh, I could sing like that.” I realized I had a low register too. And when I learned that she played a big concert in New York with her back turned to the audience, that was when I realized I might have a chance. Then, I watched this documentary when I was 20 called The Devil and Daniel Johnston with my boyfriend at the time, Artie Levine, and seeing that Daniel was super different and he had a bit of a cult following, I realized there might be a chance here. I definitely had my muses, but it was so much later on in life because I didn’t move to New York until I was 18, and that was when I first heard anything other than Eminem, country, and NPR. All of a sudden, I got a fucking crash course in music."

"Everything you’re saying is blowing my mind out of my skull," Billie replies. "You will never understand how much of an impact that you have had on me in my life." Read the interview in full here.

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