Filmmaker Lance Bangs, who has directed documentaries on Slint and Pavement and music videos for Sonic Youth, Guided by Voices, The Black Keys and more (not to mention Portlandia and Jackass), is making a new documentary television series titled I Don't Belong Here. Named for a line from Radiohead's "Creep," the series will look at the post-Nirvana '90s alt rock boom. Here's the synopsis from Deadline:

I Don’t Belong Here relives an absurd and surreal moment in the 1990s when major record labels gambled hundreds of millions of dollars on an unlikely crop of artists from way outside the mainstream. These are the stories – told by the musicians, scouts, producers and label heads – who did their best to make sense of a time that made no sense, when dope-fiending punk rock trolls swindled seven-figure advances and an anarchist Japanese noise collective wound up as labelmates with Fleetwood Mac. How did multi-national conglomerates open their checkbooks for these proudly non-commercial weirdos? What was the hangover from the last great burst of industry risk? Why did we throw in the towel and call in the Spice Girls? The series is produced by Lance Bangs, who has directed music videos for the likes of Sonic Youth and Pavement, as well as comedies including Jackass and Portlandia, and Greg Heller, a reformed music journalist turned TV showrunner (Behind The Music). Bangs will also direct.

Lance wrote on Instagram, "I'm sure there are more stories from this era to learn from, so reach out if you have them."

I Don't Belong Here is being made for Anonymous Content, the production company behind Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Mr Robot, The OA, True Detective, The Knick, and more. No word on what network or streaming service will air the series. Stay tuned.

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