Land of Talk are on tour with Half Waif in support of their great new album (and first in seven years), Life After Youth. That tour came through NYC last night (6/14) with a show at Bowery Ballroom. Like their last NYC shows, singer and guitarist Elizabeth Powell was backed at Bowery by drummer Mark "Bucky" Wheaton and keyboardist and horn player Pietro Amato (also of The Luyas and Bell Orchestre). Unlike those last shows, album contributors and members of Besnard Lakes Jace Lasek and Olga Gorea weren't onstage; instead, Laurie Torres, who also played in Little Scream when they opened for Land of Talk last year, took over bass duties. As Powell said last night, Amato and Torres are both part of her extended "Montreal musical family."

Last night's setlist focused on songs from Life After Youth, but also included some older fan favorites like "Some Are Lakes" and "It's Okay." (For the latter, Powell was overcome with emotion when the audience took over singing most of the first verse.) An extra microphone was brought out for "This Time," and Powell mentioned that a special guest would be out for the song, but although Sharon Van Etten (who contributed vocals to the track) poked her head out from backstage, she didn't come out to sing. Photos from last night's show are in the gallery above, and the setlist is below.

Both Land of Talk and Half Waif are on the lineup for this year's Sled Island fest, which happens next week in Calgary, Alberta.


Setlist: Land of Talk @ Bowery Ballroom, 6/14/2017
Yes You Were
Yuppy Flu
Inner Lover
Some Are Lakes
Quarry Hymns
Spiritual Intimidation
This Time
The Hate I Won't Commit

It's Okay

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