photos by Amanda Hatfield

Land of Talk are back, having played their first NYC show in five years Saturday night (5/14) at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn. It was a crowd that was very happy to see them again (chants of "holy shit! holy shit" recurred throughout the night) and it seemed to be a mutual appreciation society as singer/guitarist Elizabeth Powell was beaming the whole night. This was also not a rest-on-their-laurels show, either, as a good chunk of the set was new songs, all of which I thought were excellent. There were also favorites like "Some Are Lakes," "Quarry Hymns," "Yuppy Flu" and "It's Okay."

This was only Land of Talk's third show since announcing their return, but they sounded like they never left. It doesn't hurt to have Jace and Olga from Besnard Lakes on guitar and bass, along with original drummer Mark "Bucky" Wheaton (who also went on to be in the Luyas), and Pietro Amato (Luyas, Bell Orchestre, Arcade Fire) on keyboards and flugelhorn. Truly glad to have you back!

The night was opened by Little Scream, who also played with Land of Talk at their last NYC show (Bowery Ballroom, 2010). Land of Talk and Little Scream will be back at Bowery Ballroom tonight (5/15) and tickets are still available. Land of Talk will be back for Northside Festival where they'll open for Wolf Parade at a free show in McCarren Park (RSVP).

UPDATE (5/16): The Bowery show happened (and was also great).

Pics from Little Scream's set, and more from Land of Talk, below...

Little Scream

Land of Talk