The Intelligence's Lars Finberg has a new video for "Benevolent Panic" from last year's great solo album, Moonlight Over Bakersfield. Conceived by Lars and directed by Ryan Daniel Browne, a six quadrant split screen divides things into individual instruments with Lars at the helm of everything, but then things change. Says Mr. Finberg:

The song "Benevolent Panic" is about maximizing significant fears (your parents expiring/prison system/marriage) to minimize lesser ones (lighting at the mall/feeling awkward at parties) the concepts maybe sting a little but it's about being here to celebrate. The video is here to make light of the "solo artist" and rock and roll in general and the frame interplay can withstand over 100 viewings per person.

You might spot Mikal Cronin in the upper right quadrant on sax at one point. They have a lot of fun with the concept (I have 95 viewings to go), and the video premieres in this post. Watch below.

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