The Intelligence returned last year with Un​-​Psychedelic in Peavey City, and now the group's fearless leader, Lars Finberg, will soon be back with his second solo album, titled Tinnitus Tonight. That's out November 27 via Mt. St. Mtn, and he made the record with engineer Chris Woodhouse (Ty Segall, Osees), with help from Lauren Marie Mikus on keyboards and Kannan Tupper on drums.

Whether he's making albums as The Intelligence or in other guises, Lars' style is front and center: bruised-up garage/surf tossed around in the post-punk garbage can, with his one-of-a-kind sardonic worldview. That said, Tinnitus Tonight does feature a lot more keyboards than we're used to hearing with Finberg, as first single "Satanic Exit" bears out. It's closer to Gary Numan than Ty Segall (who produced his last solo album) while lyrically, Lars explores the pitfalls of human connection. "The song's a bit about how you can feel a little maudlin on the street corner in the early morning when you are intimate too soon and are wistful for a prehistoric time when connection had more currency than conquest," Lars tells us. "Then ironically, a little ways into connection, you feel a pull of carousing emptily with wild wine eyed strangers valuable again." On the sonic note, Lars says his favorite part of the song is that he "asked Kaanan to play the Lauren Hill’s 'To Zion' drum beat over the wordless choruses."

"Satanic Exit" makes its premiere in this post. Listen to that, and check out the album art and tracklist, below.

lars finberg-tinnitus-tonight

Tinnitus Tonight
Lord of the Files
Satanic Exit
Beach Bass
The Doors
Public Admirer
My Prison
Burger Queen
Boy Division
T.V. / True Love
Wild Pilgrims
Kitchen Floor

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