Last year, Atlanta rapper Mulatto released her very good debut album Queen of Da Souf, and as her fame rose, there was more and more controversy surrounding her name, a derogatory term that dates back to the slavery era. She has now shortened her name to Latto, as she explains in a new interview with Billboard:

I don't want to go by Mulatto anymore, because this was a long process, and I want people to respect the process and the time and energy and tears and meetings it took for this name change. I feel like it's a new chapter, and I don't want any more of that negative energy. Latto is good fortune.

Mulatto was a negative term that I was trying to make positive. We're gonna start positive, and I feel like that's gonna bring that energy my way. I feel like, in a way, that could've been holding me back, and I don't want to attach that to myself anymore. Latto is like 'Lotto,' but my little twist on it. It's good fortune -- I got "777" tatted on me. I live this.

She also just released her first track as Latto, "The Biggest," and she addresses the name change on the song too. It also happens to be an instantly-satisfying song that has us looking forward to her new era. Check out the video below...


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