Many of the major punk reunions of the past few years have begun at Riot Fest, and a big one that gets brought up just about every year is Operation Ivy, the band Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman played in before forming Rancid, alongside frontman Jesse Michaels (who went on to form Common Rider and Classics of Love) and drummer Dave Mello. One of the many, many people who want Op Ivy to reunite is Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!, who amazingly just launched a petition aimed at both Op Ivy and Riot Fest. It reads:

I would like to see an Operation Ivy reunion happen. I know other punks would as well. Riot Fest built its brand on reunions and this is the only punk band reunion that matters anymore. After the past couple years (*gestures broadly at everything) we all deserve this.

Riot Fest has already responded:

It probably won't do anything, but we can dream, right?! Sign the petition here.

Meanwhile, the 2021 edition of Riot Fest begins on Thursday in Chicago's Douglas Park, and set times are here.

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