Australian singer-songwriter Laura Jean is back with Amateurs, her first album in four years, which will be out November 4 via Chapter Music. "These songs arise from my acceptance that I will always be an ‘amateur’," Laura says. "At the same time, I was fueled by a desire to create something inordinately luxurious and beautiful."

The first single is the gorgeous "Teenager Again" that features Aldous Harding and Marlon Williams who appear on a few other tracks on the album.  “I have been chipping away at this song for a long time. I made up the backing vocal parts walking around a park with my dog, and I think that was when I knew the song was ready. It’s wonderful to hear those parts now sung by [Aldous] and Marlon. The song is about some of the things I tried as a teenager to heal my panic disorder. This included seeing a psychic, completing a Reiki course, going on Lite’n’Easy to try and lose weight, and many other acts of desperation. Nothing worked, but I’m OK.”

You can watch the video, directed by Laura Englert, Erica Englert (who stars in the video) and Mark Bradshaw, below.

attachment-laura jean amateurs

1. Teenager Again
2. Amateurs
3. Too Much To Do
4. Folk Festival
5. Market On the Sand
6. Pauly
7. Rainbow Club
8. Rock'n'Roll Holiday
9. A Funny Thing Happened
10. Something To Look Forward To Forever

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