Last year, Laura Marling released her very good sixth album Semper Femina, and this year she's releasing a collaborative album with Mike Lindsay of another folky British act, Tunng. The duo are calling themselves LUMP and their self-titled debut album comes out June 1 via Dead Oceans (pre-order). The first single is "Curse of the Contemporary," which is an even further departure from Laura's folk roots than 2015's electric Short Movie. It's got kind of a psychedelic groove, and Laura's voice suits this kind of thing as well as it suits bare-bones folk. Listen and watch the video (created by Esteban Diacono) below.

Laura Marling LUMP

1. Late to the Flight
2. May I Be the Light
3. Rolling Thunder
4. Curse of the Contemporary
5. Hand Hold Hero
6. Shake Your Shelter
7. LUMP Is a Product (Credits)

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