Laurie Anderson and a dog

As you may have already seen, a three-minute excerpt of Laurie Anderson's Heart of a Dog film is being shown on Times Square billboards every night in January from 11:57 PM to midnight. It's for this month's installment of Midnight Moment, the same series that projected the Bjork video back in March.

Tonight (1/4) is even more special though, as Laurie will be performing from 11:30 to 11:57 PM... for dogs. The NY Times reports:

Dogs and their owners are invited to sit on the red steps of Duffy Square while she performs music that, to passers-by in Times Square, may not sound like much because of the low frequency. Humans can tune in with wireless headphones -- there are 350 total -- that will be given out beforehand.

Laurie previously did this outside the Sydney Opera House, and you can watch a video of that below. According to The Times, "At the end, they began to bark -- even the droolers in the front row. 'It was a beautiful sound,' [Laurie] said. 'They barked for five minutes. That was one of the happiest moments of my life.'"

Heart of a Dog, which ended up on a few Best Films of 2015 lists and has been nominated for an Oscar, is coming to HBO soon, and the soundtrack is out now on Nonesuch. Watch the trailer below.


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