It's New York Fashion Week which means all sorts of exclusive parties, some of which feature some very cool performances. Lauryn Hill celebrated her new Woolrich "American Soul" line with a party Wednesday night (9/5) at a former firehouse in downtown Manhattan. She performed, too, and though she's not known for punctuality, she was on schedule here. From Paper:

Hill took the stage dressed in a black tulle skirt and glittering hoops, eyes suffused with tangerine-colored shadow. "This is a house party," she quipped. "You're feeling good, looking good." And she played, and everyone in the room rightfully exploded.

The set consisted of some of Miseducation's best-known tracks; Hill kicked things off with "Lost Ones," followed by "Everything is Everything," then "Ex-Factor," then "To Zion," then "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill." Her voice was strong, clear, resonant. Someone behind me screamed the lyrics through tears while filming an Instagram Live.

Hill paused to announce that she had a "surprise." "I made it a family affair," she exclaimed. A teenager in a Palm Angels jacket standing right in front of me jumped onstage: it was Hill's son, Joshua Omaru Marley. He performed a few songs as she stood to the side, nodding approvingly.

"I'm not allowed to tell you Joshua's real age, because I guess that might upset his game somehow," Hill laughed. "Well, Josh is still in high school." The crowd roared. "It takes a considerable amount of courage to get up here after mama," she said. Quite the understatement.

But Hill, thankfully, was not done yet. She did "Doo Wop (That Thing)." She had to do it! People were screaming so loudly that she barely even needed to sing (I was screaming so loudly). And then she graciously performed an encore, The Fugees' "Ooh La La La."

Check out a few more Instagrams from Lauryn's "American Soul" party, and check out a video about Lauryn's "American Soul" line, below.

Meanwhile, this afternoon there is a Dear Ms. Hill art installation at "307 Kent" (which is the location of Villain), which is presented by Spotify. They asked fans to write letters about The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year) and those letters have been turned into a unique paper art installation. It's open till 4 PM and you can RSVP here. Take a look at the installation, which includes school desks and chairs with letters suspended from the ceiling, below.


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