"Welcome to the longest soundcheck in front of the most amount of people of all time," James Murphy joked to the crowd at Brooklyn Steel on Tuesday night. It was LCD Soundsystem's first show in over three years, their first NYC show in four years, as well as the start of a 20-show residency at the venue between now and Christmas. The band were both a little rusty/nervous and maybe overprepared at the same time, but were still not expecting something like their bass amp blowing a breaker 30 seconds into the opening song, a new cover of Spacemen 3's blissed-out "Big City." Having practiced in a cold, empty venue, they hadn't accounted for the heat that 2000+ people would bring. "That'll teach you kids to try something cool," Murphy said.

Despite some recurring amp issues, LCD rolled with the punches for a pretty terrific first set back after a three-year hibernation which was in front of a very appreciative crowd. While there had been talk of these shows being scaled back, equipment-wise, it still looked like the BBC Radiophonic Workshop on stage with banks of modular synthesizers, multiple percussion stations and so many McIntosh amps. There was always something to watch, be it Al Doyle's excursions on the congas or Murphy wandering over to Pat Mahoney's drum kit to add percussion or dampen a crash cymbal.

LCD played most all the favorites -- "I Can Change," "Daft Punk is Playing at My House," "Home," "Dance Yrself Clean," "Someone Great," "Tribulations" -- as well as a few deep cuts. We got "On Repeat," which hadn't been played since 2007, "Thrills," which hadn't been played since 2011, and their cover of Joy Division's "No Love Lost," which ended their main set, which they hadn't done since 2007. The night finished with "New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down" and "All My Friends" which had the ready-to-party crowd going nuts. Things will surely get better from here as kinks are worked out.

A few random notes:

  • "I Can Change" started with just a bit of Kraftwerk's "Radio-Activity," a nice little nod to the late Florian Schneider
  • In addition to technical difficulties, Murphy forgot a few lines from "Tonite" which caused him to crack up a few times during the song. Nancy Whang found it all amusing, and had a big grin on her face for much of the show
  • Amp problems caused them to restart that opening cover of Spacemen 3's "Big City," but you can tell that after a few more shows it's going to be amazing. The song is very much within LCD's wheelhouse and is a great welcome song with lines like "Everybody I know can be found here." You can watch video of that via a fan-shot video of the whole show below.
  • As an intro for "On Repeat," Murphy joked from the perspective of an audience member, "Oh good, it's that song I don't remember," but it was one of the highlights of the night for me.
  • The only song I really wanted them to play that they didn't was "How Do You Sleep" from American Dream which they've only played a few times and never in New York.
  • Tonight's walk-on music was The Walker Brothers' 1978 single "The Electrician," which made for an ominous entrance. A very different vibe than their first Brooklyn Steel show in 2017, which was also the venue's first show, that had them coming out to Ace Frehley's  "Back in the New York Groove."
  • The show started a about 15 later than their 9 PM set time. There was no opener band but like at LCD's 2017 Bowery shows there are opening DJs. Tuesday's was Andrew Raposo of Midnight Magic who spun a disco, tropicalia and danceable post punk. My favorite selection: Chaz Jankel's "Number One" (which you may know from '80s Val Kilmer movie Real Genius).
  • Murphy thanked the 100 or so people who were working at the show that night, noting that they had actually planned on doing the this run in 2020 but it just took another year to actually happen.
  • There was a musician busking on the corner across from Brooklyn Steel before the show, doing troubador covers of LCD Soundsystem songs. Watch him play "Daft Punk is Playing at My House" below.

Check out Night 1's setlist, a few more pics from the show and a few videos, below.

LCD's Brooklyn Steel run continues tonight (11/24). While tickets for the whole 20-show residency sold out basically immediately, the band and Bowery set up a waitlist page and additional tickets for the first two nights went back on sale on Tuesday afternoon. If you're still wanting tickets for one of the shows, the waitlist page is worth checking out periodically.

You can pick up LCD's Sound of Silver and This Is Happening on vinyl, along with the classic DFA Compilation #1in the BV shop.


SETLIST: LCD Soundsystem @ Brooklyn Steel 11/23/2021
Big City (Spacemen 3)
I Can Change
Time To Get Away
Daft Punk is Playing at My House
Call the Police
On Repeat
Oh Baby
You Wanted a Hit
Someone Great
No Love Lost (Joy Division)

Dance Yourself Clean
New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down
All My Friends

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