LCD Soundsytem's massive disco ball definitely does some heavy lifting for the band. When it switches on midway through "US v Them" -- which has been opening their show this year -- it's definitely a palpable thrill. James Murphy and crew don't lean on it too hard but they know when to deploy it and it always pumps the endorphins up a bit.

Monday (6/19) was Night 3 of their second Brooklyn Steel residency of 2017 (and not their last) and main man James Murphy was in hopeful spirits despite admitting that night 2 was "a mess," adding "I don't want to say we've got it all sorted out because that just invites the wrath of the gear gods." There were maybe a couple small glitches, but this is a fairly well-oiled, crowd-pleasing machine, this particular set, which has had the same for all of the Brooklyn Steel nights so far. And, this being the second one I've seen, it's still a lot of fun.

The band played all four of the new songs that have been making the rounds since April, including rocker "Call the Police" and "American Dream," which we learned today is the title track of LCD Soundsystem's new album which is out in September. The crowd seemed pretty acquainted with both. Of the two others, I'm particular to "Tonight," with it's stabby synth bassline that seems plucked from Belgium 1988, and the call-and-response lines ("Tonight tonight tonight," "Touchy Touchy Touchy") have come along way since the first Brooklyn Steel show. It's the most traditionally LCD of the four. It was my first time hearing "Emotional Haircut" which is sort Devo by way of Joy Division and early Bunnymen and I think I'll need to hear again before making a judgement.

The night finished, as at the previous seven shows, with the one-two punch of "Dance Yourself Clean" (the crowd always goes bananas when the drums kick in) and "All My Friends" which was the night's biggest sing-a-long moment, with that discoball put to good use.

Four more shows left in this June run, and all are sold out. For those still hoping for a chance at tickets for this week's shows may want to follow Brooklyn Steel's twitter. Tickets for the December shows go on sale Friday, June 23 at 10 AM.

Other notes: Now that they're fully in the New York Groove, they walked out to Will Powers' "Adventures in Success" tonight. The merch table had some new stuff, including an updated version of the cheeky tour shirt they sold in April, and a legit version of this fan-made bear shirt. James Murphy also said tonight's crowd had the least cell-phone use of any of the Brooklyn Steel shows yet. People did seem to be doing more dancing than taking pics. Setlist and a few other pics and videos from Monday's show are below.


Us v Them
Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
I Can Change
Get Innocuous!
You Wanted a Hit
Someone Great
New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

New Songs:
Emotional Haircut
Call The Police
American Dream

Dance Yrself Clean
All My Friends