Tickets to this week's seven LCD Soundsystem shows at Brooklyn Steel went on sale today at 10 AM and, like the last shows there, pretty much sold out instantly. Did you manage to score tickets? LCD domo James Murphy, who already talked about scalpers this week, just posted on Facebook, urging people not to immediately head to stubhub or other reselling sites:

ok. on it as quickly as i'm finding things out. so it's all sold out. there are cries of bots here and there, but truth be told we've been smashing bots all morning. and tomorrow our "team" will be pouring through the purchases and deleting anything that breaks the rules or looks suspicious, which could possibly free up some more tickets.

on another, more important note: JUST DON'T BUY ANY TICKETS ONLINE!!! many people on stubhub, once again, listed tickets for sale BEFORE ANY TICKETS WERE AVAILABLE, which means that they're fake. last show, a bunch of people bought fake tickets, for a LOT of money. we can't let you in with fake tickets. not because they're "fake and we're mean", but because the venue has a legal capacity, and we fill it, which means we LEGALLY can't let more people in! if you have a friend, who you, like, KNOW, who has a ticket for sale (and if they're a friend, they'll sell it to you for face value) i'd feel comfortable with buying that, but don't buy tickets from strangers on craigslist, eBay, online, ANYWHERE. remove the food supply, starve the parasite.
if you bought a ticket and you can't go, and you don't know of anyone who wants to buy it, i'm scrambling to find a way to deal with some safe and controlled face-value exchange. i can't guarantee it'll work, but we're working on it. shit, it might just be me buying them from you after verifying that they're valid, then selling them myself at face value. i don't know. but i'm working on it. we're not trying to stick you with a ticket you can't use!

anyway, looking forward to tomorrow!

PS. seriously. DON'T BUY EXPENSIVE TICKETS! so incredibly not our last show. we'll be right back.



The venue offered details on how this one is working, and a bit of advice:

Fans are encouraged to create user accounts and log-in to in advance of the public onsale to help expedite the purchase process. There is a strict limit of 2 tickets per person, per show. Persons who exceed the ticket limit may have any or all their orders and tickets cancelled without notice. eTickets will not be released to fans until after 1PM ET day-of-show; NO tickets will be delivered before that time.

Good luck.

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