The DFA Records "20 Years of Bad Luck" anniversary party is this Saturday (3/26) at Knockdown Center, featuring a mix of live performances and DJ sets from DFA acts across the label's first two decades, including 2ManyDJs, Juan Maclean, Black Dice, Museum of Love, and more. DFA founder and LCD Soundsysterm frontman James Murphy just posted an update about what folks can expect, saying that they just released "the last bit of tickets" for the show. He also hinted about a surprise at the start of the night.

"so, if you want to come, you might want to get a ticket now. and if you're coming, come early and stay late," Murphy wrote at the end of his update. "i don't know how to say this without being annoying, but the very first band may be, um, an original line up 30 minute set of old people playing their oldest music as a five piece for the first time since, i don't know, 2005? 2006?"

Infer from that what you will. Tickets are still available. Doors are at 8 PM and the party goes till 4 AM.

Here is the rest of James Murphy's update.

ok. so we're having a very nice party saturday night because we're 20. dfa is 20. LCD is also 20. but this is a semi-intimate get down with hordes of the people we came up with, who played our records, DJ'd with us drunk, stayed up late with us... i'm (james) going to Dj with 2ManyDjs, which is, i guess, 3ManyDjs, Optimo from glasgow are there, juan, marcus, almost every member of LCD (nancy? check, nick? tyler? pat? yup) maurice fulton, rub n' tug, liv from still going, killer j miller, jayson "bad news" green, matt "nightmoves" shaw, JDH & dave P, JUSTINE D((!!!)) are all DJing music for your faces and bodies. plus, museum of love (i think i'm playing piano on one song, if i don't screw it up), peter gordon and love of life orchestra, black dice, and rayna's black meteoric star are all playing live.

Check out the DFA 20th Anniversary poster and the full announced lineup below.


Black Dice (live)
Black Meteoric Star (live)
James Murphy
JDH + Dave P
Juan MacLean
Justin Miller
Justine D
Matt Shaw
Maurice Fulton
Museum of Love (live)
Nancy Whang
Optimo (Espacio)
Peter Gordon and Love of Life Orchestra (live)
Shit Robot
Tyler Pope

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