LCD Soundsystem have now moved their new album from the "almost done, really" column to the actual "done" column. James Murphy told the crowd at Sasquatch on Friday (6/26) the weekend that it was finally finished, and today posted a note on LCD's Facebook, saying it has been mastered and could be out as soon as six weeks...though probably a bit longer. James explains:

hello humans. this is just a note to say that we're done with the record. like, totally done with the music and mixing. just some art stuff to finish, but it's been mastered already and the lacquers are winging their way to the pressing plant (which is, i think, where they'll make the mothers and stampers, etc.). i've been wrangling the fastest route between final mix and record release for the past few weeks so that there isn't such a lag, and i think it'll be soon. 6 weeks is the very fastest, i think, but it will likely be longer than that. just trying to get all the ducks in a row so that there's someone with a catcher's mitt waiting at each stage. we mixed the last song last wednesday, and korey ran to (a national overnight carrier) to get it to bob weston over at Chicago Mastering Service for the next morning. then we took off to play sasquatch in washington, and now i'm home proofreading lyrics and credits and all that crap. sorry it took so long, honestly. i didn't think it would, but i, once again, underestimated the distractions inherent in touring and living a "life". this will be the last record at the original DFA Studios, as we're closing that down after the building was sold, so there's a lot to digest for me. i've been there nearly 20 years now, and i wasn't a particularly young man when it opened, so there's that.

anyway, be well, thank you for yr patience (even when it manifested as semi-angry "where the fuck is the RECORD< james!" posts!) and very much looking forward to getting this to you.

LCD Soundsystem's setlist at Sasquatch included both "Call the Police" and "American Dream," the two songs off the album that have been released so far. Check out pictures from Sasquatch above and the setlist below.


SETLIST: LCD Soundsystem @ Sasquatch Music Festival 5/26/2017
Us v Them
Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
I Can Change
Get Innocuous!
You Wanted a Hit
Someone Great
New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down
Call The Police
American Dream
Dance Yrself Clean
All My Friends