Montreal-based singer-songwriter Le Ren, aka Lauren Spear, has announced her debut album, Leftovers, which will be out via Secretly Canadian on October 15.

“When I think of leftovers, I think of things that have been cast aside,” she says. “When they’re picked back up or remembered, they can be repurposed… Leftovers came to mean a collection of feelings and moments of the past that still remain relevant to my present.” Le Ren made the album with producer Chris Cohen and it features contributions from Big Thief's Buck Meek (who she's collaborated with before), Tenci and more.

The first single, "Dyan," is a tender tribute to her mother. “My intention was to try to describe the way I feel eternally connected to my mother while living far away from her, especially during the pandemic when distance feels bigger than it did before," says La Ren. "I’m constantly reminded of her love - in seeing the sky turn a certain shade of blue, in silver-grey hair, in the music I make and listen to because of her. I also recognize her in the way I speak and how I process certain emotions.”

You can watch the video, directed by Ali Vanderkruyk, below.

Le Ren - Leftovers cover art

Leftovers tracklist:
Take On Me
Was I Not Enough?
I Already Love You
Who’s Going to Hold Me Next?
Your Cup
Annabelle and Maryanna
Friends Are Miracles
May Hard Times Pass Us By

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