Le Tigre came out of retirement to play their first show in 11 years on Saturday (8/27) as part of the inaugural This Ain't No Picnic festival at Pasadena's Rose Bowl. The band, featuring Kathleen Hanna, Johanna Fateman and JD Samson, were originally asked to play the festival in 2020, which Samson told SPIN they wanted to do because of the election. The fest didn't happen that year because of the pandemic, but with the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, among other things, the band's fiery message -- and the shouts of "Oh fuck Giuliani, he's such a fucking jerk" in "My My Metrocard" -- feels just as vital now. “You can only fuckin' fight as hard as you can celebrate,” Hanna said onstage Saturday night.

The band's set included classics like "Hot Topic," "Phanta," TKO," "Eau D'bedroom Dancing," and more, and of course "Deceptacon," which it out. You can check out photos of their set by Wei Shi, watch video of the whole thing, and view the setlist below.

While This Ain't No Picnic is Le Tigre's only 2022 show, Samson and Fateman both told SPIN they're open to more shows. Kathleen will also be out with Bikini Kill in September.

Le Tigre played the main Fairway Stage just before headliners LCD Soundsystem, and that band's James Murphy noted during his set that he used to do sound for them back in the day.

Stay tuned for more This Ain't No Picnic pics and coverage.

SETLIST: Le Tigre @ This Ain't No Picnic 8/27/2022
The the Empty
Hot Topic
My My Metrocard
Mediocrity Rules
On the Verge
What's Yr Take on Cassavetes
Punker Plus
Shred A
Eau d'Bedroom Dancing
Keep on Livin'

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