"The management of the Flying W have decided that our radness is just too much for their family establishment..."

members of !!! take a dip...

!!! embark today (September 3rd) on a short East Coast tour, dates below. The band will stop this Friday at Terminal 5 for the first night of Warp20 with Battles, Flying Lotus and Pivot. Tickets are still on sale.

Two days later, on September 6th, !!! will play Jersey/Philly's final Making Time Pool Party of the summer (remember, the Dan Deacon/No Age/Deerhunter pool party with an actual pool?). Plans for the Making Time party have been shuffled a bit after the Flying W Pool and Resort dropped out as the venue. The September 6th show will be happening, but not there - not even in Jersey. Instead, Bamboo Bar in Philadelphia (which has a pool of its own) will host the event. Also in house will be resident DJs Dave P, Mike Z and many others.

Check out a video put together for the event, the flyer, the story behind the gig and all !!! tour dates, below...

Making Time Flyer

Some things only happen once in a lifetime. Sadly, as a result of the totally extreme radness that occurs at every Making Time party, that is the case for the Making Time Pool Party at the Flying W Pool and Resort. The management of the Flying W have decided that our radness is just too much for their family establishment and unfortunately, as a result, the Making Time Pool Party...The Sequel...will not be happening at the Flying W. I guess we are just way too rad for New Jersey.

So...Yes...If you were lucky enough to experience the radness of the 1st Making Time Pool Party at the Flying W Pool and Resort this past June....you experienced a once in a lifetime rager that will surely go down in history.
I was very saddened by the news after speaking with the management of the Flying W. I was very excited, as I'm sure you were as well, to experience the magic of the Making Time Pool Party at the Flying W once again on Sunday September 6th, 2009. To add to my disappointment, the news from the Flying W came just a few days after we had booked a very special live guest to play at this final outdoor rager of the summer. I felt that all that we worked for and all that we looked forward to all summer long was gone, in the blink of an eye....sucked up with the waters of the Flying W Pool that was drained after the last pool party because it was full of the remnants of an all day rager. Well....I was wrong and little did I know...the magic was just about to begin.

After a week of scouring the Philadelphia area for pools to move the party to, I found nothing and began to consider the unthinkable....canceling the final Making Time Pool Party of 2009. I'm sure you can imagine my frustration, my disappointment and my sadness.

Well...that was until Sunday August 16th, 2009 when I was exposed to one of the most magical places in Philadelphia.....Bamboo Bar. Yes....that place that you sometimes pass on your way to The Barbary on Delaware Ave. Yes....behind that yellow façade and behind the tiki torches and fake palms lies one of the most magical places I have ever witnessed in Philadelphia.

On Sunday August 16th, 2009 I was invited to DJ a daytime party at Bamboo Bar. I was skeptical of what it would be like but I was hopeful that it would be a rad time. Little did I know that I was about to experience something very magical and I was about to discover the place I had been looking for for the Making Time Pool Party....The Sequel...for so long. Upon walking into Bamboo Bar I not only realized I was in one of the most amazing outdoor spaces in Philadelphia, fully equipped with a POOL (YES...A POOL!!! A small pool but YES!!! A POOL), waterfalls, multiple decks, wooden bridges, beach volleyball courts, a full outdoor dancefloor, more tiki torches and palm trees than an Ibiza resort, fishbowl margaritas and mojitos, a full grilling area and YES...an amazing soundsystem, but I also had a vision....

A vision of !!! (YES...chk chk chk!!!) playing live on the Bamboo Bar stage beneath a starry sky, a vision of Russ Alexander, Joel, Nez and Steve swimming naked in the waters of the Bamboo Bar pool as if they were in the waters of the Mediterranean off the coast of the South of France, of Mike Z and Dave Pak pushing their hair back beneath the slowly descending waters of the Bamboo Bar waterfall after taking a dip in the clear blue waters of the Bamboo Bar Pool, of KT, Thom and James barefoot in the sands of the beach volleyball court....KT ready to serve....Thom of course ready to volley and James ready to spike, of Julian double fisting two fishbowl cocktails, one margarita and one mojito, while dancing wildly on the upper deck of Bamboo Bar beneath an orange summer moon, of Adam Sparkles finding a secluded area in the shade of one of the several nooks in Bamboo Bar where he can spend some time alone, eating a traditional steak taco from the Cantina catered grill, contemplating the magical experience he has been witness to, of myself Djing in the bamboo and palm covered DJ booth as if I were Djing on the beach in Ibiza and of course of all of you freaking out like crazy people to the futuristic sounds of all of the Making Time resident DJs on the Bamboo Bar dancefloor all day and night long!!! What a wonderful vision, eh?

Well...that vision is about to become a reality, Philadelphia...YES!!! The Making Time Pool Party....The Sequel...lives on beyond the Flying W Resort and Pool. And we are back once again with the ill behavior and the magic of the inaugural Making Time Pool Party...this time on the coast of the Delaware River....this time in Philadelphia.....this time at Bamboo Bar. Let the Making Time Pool Party...The Sequel...illuminate your summer like the warm glow of the Ibiza sun. Yes, Philadelphia....it will indeed be like Ibiza out there and YES!!! Philadelphia....this will surely be the most magical, most raging and most life affirming experience of the Summer of 2009.

!!! - 2009 Tour Dates
Sep 03 Middle East Boston, Massachusetts
Sep 04 Terminal 5 New York, New York
Sep 05 Black Cat Washington DC, Washington DC
Sep 06 VENUE CHANGE: BAMBOO BAR Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sep 26 The Independent San Francisco, California
Sep 27 Troubadour Los Angeles, California
Sep 29 Rhythm Room Phoenix, Arizona
Sep 30 Club Congress Tuscon, Arizona
Oct 02 Emo's Austin, Texas
Oct 02 ACL aftershow: Emo's Alternative Lounge (outdoor) Austin, Texas
Oct 03 Austin City Limits Festival Austin, Texas
Nov 17 The Loft Honolulu, Hawaii

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