As we could always use some Led Zeppelin news, here is some Led Zeppelin-related news to get your Thursday going. First off, there's a sweet new Zeppelin reissue on the way -- the BBC Sessions will be getting the deluxe treatment. The set will include "an updated and newly remastered version with eight unreleased BBC recordings and including three rescued from a previously 'lost' session from 1969." It drops on September 16 and is available for pre-order.

Meanwhile, this being America, there are plenty of Led Zeppelin tributes to be had if you want to get the Led out in a more roundabout way. The performance arts space House of Yes is hosting an upcoming burlesque tribute to Zeppelin. Prolific burlesque crew Wasabassco will Take The Led Off on August 26 and 27. Billed as an "immersive live band and multi-media experience," tickets for both shows are on sale now.

And over at the Highline Ballroom, you can check out Lez Zeppelin all the way on October 15. The all-girls Zeppelin tribute has always been a big draw, and tickets for that are on sale now.

Getting back to the actual Led Zeppelin, you might remember that they won their "Stairway to Heaven" legal battle, proving once and for all that Led Zeppelin never plagiarized anybody. Well, despite that victory, they didn't come out completely unscathed, as they recently lost a follow-up legal battle to recoup the roughly $800,000 in legal fees that they racked up while defending their honor. So, they're out $800,000, but they did write the greatest rock song of all time, so that seems like a wash.

Check out a video of Lez Zeppelin and listen to the (soon to be obsolete) current version of Zeppelin's BBC Sessions below.