Lee Baggett (who's played in Little Wings) will release a new album, Just A Minute, on April 30 via Perpetual Doom (pre-order). Lee says, "The record happened in a little dream, consisting of traveling half a day to meet your friends, catch a handful of waves, set up recording equipment, show them the songs, press record, jam, go for a midnight skate. A month or two later the same exact dream except in another state. I’ll never know what year it was, but it happened. Perpetual Doom found this flotsam, treated it up splendidly for the vinyl, which so perfectly brings to light these little dreams, you might get sand on your feet."

First single "Just A Minute" and its video (by Louis Crisitello, Jr. and Greg Olin) is out now, along with a a 5+ minute album promo video written by Phil Elverum (The Microphones, Mount Eerie) and animated by John Andrews (The Yawns). "This is the greatest thing ever. The legend is real if you believe," Lee said of the animated promo video, and of the "Just A Minute" video, he added, "That’s me in 2021. How did I get there? How did they do it? They did it good."

If you're unfamiliar with Lee but you like Little Wings and Phil Elverum (or Neil Young), you'll probably like the melancholic folk of "Just A Minute" too. Check it out below.

1. Sunshine
2. Yesterday
3. Hunter Moon
4. Easy
5. Where You Are
6. Just A Minute
7. There Goes My Toast
8. Fast Asleep
9. Backroads
10. Paints & Strings

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