This summer, ISSUE Project Room and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council have been presenting The Steve Circuit, a weekly video and digital art tribute to late poet Steve Dalachinsky. The series was created by his wife, painter and poet Yuko Otomo, and interdisciplinary artist Matt Mottel, and each week features additional contributors, including William Parker & Matthew Shipp, Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer, Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille, Vito Ricci & Lise Vachon, and more. Mixing Steve's poetry with archival performances, the series hopes to be a  “virtual polaroid snapshot” of Downtown New York’s cultural history.

Here's more about Dalachinsky and the series:

Born in Brooklyn in 1946, Dalachinsky was an unforgettable fixture within particular strains of experimental music, poetry, and art—and at cultural happenings and gatherings of all kinds in Lower Manhattan and beyond. Dalachinsky was an important figure to many. He passed away September 16th, 2019.

Steve’s art was created in tandem with the public life he lived. The places he inhabited—arts venues, community gardens, the New York Public Library neighborhood branch, his Spring Street sidewalk store—were all part of his daily routine. He was influenced by the culture he witnessed. He created his art both in public and at home. Late at night, in his apartment, after returning from film screenings, art openings, and multiple concerts, he returned to his collage artwork and to type up the poems he had written by hand during the day out in the world.

Over the course of six events throughout the Summer, 2020, these historical sites will be revealed in a weekly online presentation. Each week, videos made by Otomo & Mottel will be streamed pairing Dalachinsky text, recordings, and artwork, with additional artistic collaborators who were part of the Dalachinsky orbit.

You can watch previous The Steve Circuit series entries featuring William Parker & Matthew Shipp, Vito Ricci & Lise Vachon, Anthology Film Archives with Andrew Lampert, and Jean Carla Rodea & Gerald Cleaver, and White Out (Tom Surgal & Lin Culbertson) below.

On Thursday, August 20 at 8 PM Eastern, the series will premiere "The World Trade Center with Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer," which you'll also be able to watch below, and on August 27 it's "Downtown Music Gallery with Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille."

Head to ISSUE Project Room's website for more info.

Speaking of Lee Ranaldo, he's one of a few artists -- including Feist, Nick Waterhouse and more -- who will be taking part in a reading of Emily Wilson's translation of Homer's "The Odyssey" over six days on FacebookYouTube, and Oklahoma Contemporary's site, starting August 20 at 8 PM.


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