photos by David Andrako

The Ecstatic Music Festival continued on Wednesday (3/2) at Merkin Concert Hall. These shows bring together collaborations between between pop-minded artists and those in the avant-garde/modern classical world, and this one had Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo with electric guitar quartet Dither. Dither played alone first, and then were joined by Lee and Yeah Yeah Yeahs drummer Brian Chase for a special performance of “Six for New Time” (from Sonic Youth’s Goodbye 20th Century LP), “Hurricane Transcriptions” which was derived from wind recordings made by Ranaldo in NYC during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and Lee's "Thrown Over the Wall." For the Ranaldo/Chase/Dither collaborations, things got loud.

More pictures and the setlist from Wednesday's show below. Check out Ecstatic Music Festival's remaining schedule here.


Dither Quartet

Gyan Riley - The Tar of Gyu
James Moore - Mannequin
Joshua Lopes - Mi-Go
Taylor Levine - Renegade

Dither Quartet with Lee Ranaldo and Brian Chase

Pauline Oliveros - Six for New Time
Lee Ranaldo - Hurricane Transcriptions
Lee Ranaldo - Thrown Over the Wall