by Andrew Sacher

photo: Leggy at Indie Pop Prom 3 (more by Amanda Hatfield)

Ohio's been a pretty good breeding ground for catchy lo-fi punk lately, thanks to All Dogs, Tweens, Vacation, Boys, Sports, and probably way more. Yet another one is Cincinnati trio Leggy, who, like Sports, played Indie Pop Prom in Brooklyn last month and won us over at that show.

Leggy recently put out a new EP, Nice Try, which was recorded by Jerri Queen of two of those above-mentioned Ohio bands (Vacation and Tweens), along with John Hoffman. It feels rooted in swaggering garage rock, but doesn't just go for overly-aped '50s rock n' roll. Songs like "A Reverie" and "July" have a certain darkness to them, and singer Véronique Allaer has a few vocal tricks up her sleeve that are a little atypical of the genre too. Listen for yourself below.

The band also have tour dates, including SXSW, but nothing else scheduled for NYC at the moment. Those are listed below too.


Leggy -- 2015 Tour Dates
March 12 - Memphis TN @ MURPHY'S
March 13 - Denton TX @ 35 Denton >> Hailey's Club
March 14 - Austin TX @Beerland, Texas
March 15- Austin TX @ PARTY
March 16 - Austin TX @ PARTY
March 17 - Tulsa OK @ Hillman's Garage
March 22- Louisville KY @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar
March 23 - Nashville TN @ Springwater Supper Club
March 24 - Cincinnati OH @ THE COMET
March 28 - Cincinnati OH Tacocracy