Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Leland Ettinger, who made two albums back in the early '00s, is back with her first album in 10 years. (She took time off to be a mother and has a parallel career as a photographer.) For this record she's adopted the name Leland and the Silver Wells -- a tip of the hat to Joan Didion -- and made it as a true album meant to be listened to start-to-finish. "This group of songs comprises the protagonist’s journey through valleys and swamps, through dark alleys, across oceans, high atop the mountain, deep inside the forest, and across the desert plain to redemption," Leland says. "Similarly to my photography, I would like this music to affect people on a primitive level as something that first draws the listener in because of something familiar and then opens up into something new, fresh and transformative." Single "Luck of the Draw" mixes West Coast flower power pop with a dash of twangy country in there too. (Think early Bangles.) We've got the premiere of the song's video, written and directed by Mackenzie McCullough, and its Super-8 style really accentuates the song's West Coast vibe. Watch that below.

Leland & The Silver Wells is out September 14 via Rubia Records.