Lemmy was a regular at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on LA's Sunset Strip, there most nights when Motorhead weren't on tour. Upon his death last December, the Rainbow commissioned a life-sized bronze statue of Lemmy, created by Travis Moore (and based on a famous photo by Robert John) and paid for via crowdfunding. The statue was unveiled last week, and that's it above. From LA Weekly:

We’ve seen him here so many times over the decades, and he was a super cool guy," said local Hollywood musician Ruby Carrera; along with his girlfriend, Kitty Cadillac, he didn't fight the chaotic crowd to actually get next to the statue but felt being there was important. "This is a significant event. He’s just synonymous with this place. He was at Jumbo's [Clown Room] a lot, too, but this place the most. We just wanted to be part of this historic night."

Hardcore admirer, DJ and singer Edward Transylvania made sure he was there early and right up front to see it first. "Tonight was intense, " he said just after the unveiling. "I was standing next to Paul, Lemmy's son; it was a very emotional moment. I got the chills ... it was a religious experience. Everyone came tonight to give praise and respect to Saint Lemmy, and that is a beautiful thing. The Rainbow is now a rock & roll church."

Check out a few more pics of the Lemmy statue below.

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