Boston sludgesters Lesser Glow stirred up some buzz for their 2018 debut album Ruined (which, among other things, was a favorite of Nate Newton of fellow Boston band Converge that year), and they're now set to release a followup, Nullity, on May 29 via Pelagic (pre-order). The band (whose lineup includes Chelsea Wolfe's sound engineer and the manager of Cambridge venue The Sinclair) says:

We wanted to make the record sound more forward and driving, while implementing a lot more movement into the sounds and mixes. Pull the drums forward. Up the grit a bit more. Give the record more teeth in the heavier moments and more lush space in the melodic and ambient passages. We gave ourselves a lot more time in the studio to track this one over all, diving deeper into tones and choices along the way and leaving time for plenty of experimentation and improvisational passages written in the studio. Overall our approach was consciously much more immersive this time around.

We're premiering lead single/opening track "The Great Imitator," which is a killer dose of sludge metal that's crushingly heavy, atmospheric, and beautifully melodic all at once. Listen below.

As mentioned, Lesser Glow were supposed to open the Cough / Fórn show at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus on May 23, but that show was obviously cancelled. Meanwhile, A Kickstarter to support Saint Vitus during these crazy times (and get cool rewards in the process) was launched today.

1. The Great Imitator
2. Red Ayrag
3. Fostering This Nullity
4. Alone in the Column
5. Versterven
6. I am the Island
7. The Great Filter
8. Toba

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