Many times a controversial story pops into my Inbox or browser. My first thought is to post it. My second thought says to do some more research...form a conclusion. That's when it enters the ever-so-dangerous (never actually going) TO-DO list.

In the name of cleaning off that list, here's the first in a series of slightly out-of-date controversies in "list of quotes & links" format. Talk about it in the comments...


Kill Whitey

"Tha Pumpsta hops onto the crowded dance floor of guys in big T-shirts dangling from slight frames and ladies in short skirts and tasseled boots. 'Kill whitey!' yells Tha Pumpsta into the microphone as he bounces to the beat. 'What . . . gonna . . . do dance . . .' he raps to the beat. 'Kill whitey!'" [Washington Post]

"For those who can't be bothered to click the above link and read the article, I'll sum it up here. 'Kill Whitey' is the name given to a series of monthly hip-hop themed parties staged in Williamsburg for large groups of wealthy, white hipsters too frightened to darken the door of real hip-hop clubs at which they might actually run into a real, live black person...." [Brainwashed]

Kill Whitey

"Live shows have included such esteemed bands and DJs as TV on the Radio, Ghost Exits, Avenue D, Crash Test Dummies, Quieve & Tha Pumpsta, Kudu, Black Peter, Dragons of Zynth, Matchbox 20 and Celena Glenn." [Press Release]

"Honestly, the core people who have been coming to Kill Whitie have been coming for four years. I've known a lot them from Atlanta, that's just the music they listen to. It's about dancing and it's a very sincere thing. People come to Kill Whitie ready to dance, and they're so amazed at how many people are actually dancing in a city where nobody dances, where you can't dance." [The Pumpsta to Riff Raff]

Kill Whitey

"I've been saying for years that irony is now the last refuge of a coward. A singularly dishonest and deluded sort of coward who imagines his behavior a mark of courage, as he fearlessly refuses to take anything seriously." []