Long Island post-hardcore band Crash The Calm are releasing a new concept album in multiple parts, A Town Named Nowhere, with the first four-song installment arriving this Friday (7/23) (pre-order). The album is set in the drought-stricken Southwest of the 1930s, and here's what the band says about the first installment:

Volume I introduces the narrative of Nowhere and sets the scene: The land has been laid barren and resolve stripped from the residents who call it home. Innocence lost with the light of a fire; Nowhere is not what it’s been and the time has come for renewal. We meet our characters Clifford, our protagonist; Eleanor, his late wife; George, his brother; and The Pastor, Eleanor’s father and Clifford’s father-in-law. We also meet our narrators, the Dust & Dirt, who share outward perspectives of the inner turmoil of the townspeople.

We're premiering Volume I's first single and its James Morano-directed video, "My Nowhere," which kind of sounds like a cross between the heavier Manchester Orchestra songs and Balance and Composure. It's "a song about being addicted to your own tragedy," the band says. "We see that Clifford’s continued inaction dried up his last roots of friends and family and he’s faced with ending up alone in Nowhere. For Clifford, his inability to move forward is the real drought."

Crash The Calm do a lot of justice to this kind of post-hardcore, and they clearly swing for the fences, with the kinds of soaring hooks and widescreen production that really bring this type of music to life. Check it out for yourself below.

Crash The Calm

Volume I Tracklist
1. Spring '31
2. Dust & Dirt
3. Devils
4. My Nowhere


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