We've been asking musicians to tell us about their Top 10s of the year, and here's Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit. Her list is mostly music, including Jamie xx, Sharon Van Etten, Nia Archives, Katy J Pearson, and more, plus books and television shows. Check out Liela's list, complete with commentary, below.

Liela will be very busy in 2023, releasing new solo album Internal Working Model in just a few weeks. That features contributions from Gary Numan, Jehnny Beth and Dhani Harrison and will be out January 13 via Bella Union.  Watch the new video for "Vanishing Shadows" featuring Gary Numan below.


Jamie xx -'KILL DEM' (single)
Oh man, this track has kept me rolling. And pumpin and jumping. You only need one listen and it will fuck you up with its danceable madness.

Nick Cave with Sean O'Hagan - Faith, Hope and Carnage (Book)
A treasure trove of interviews and glimpses of the light in Nick's heart and electricity in his brain. Sweet section about the unlikely studio friendship between him and Chris Martin of Coldplay, made me smile.

Sinead O'Brien - Time Bend and Break The Bower (Album)
Sinead's poetry and lyrical delivery is singularly authentic and original; I'm totally in awe of her, and the words and images which cascade around my ears when I listen to her. Aside from her almighty lyrical talent, you've gotta hear this record to love the music and production. Gnarly, fuzzy and groovy. I hear influences like Suicide, Nirvana, Bad Seeds...A classic in my humble opinion.

Nia Archives - "So Tell Me" (Single)
I discovered this recently via the radio station BBC6 Music. Incredible directness and power emanates through what are quite airy, velvet vocals, set against lo-fi Jungle. Don't be fooled this is an incredible force singing and writing - a young woman facing her fear to leave home at 16 and make her way in life on her own. She's brilliant and important and one to watch for sure.

Katy J Pearson - "Sound of The Morning"
The track Alligator is one of the best alternative pop moments of the year. It's totally infectious. I had the pleasure of seeing Katy J live at The Green Man Festival in Wales. Mountainous backdrop + Katy J = pure joy.

Sharon Van Etten - We've Been Going About This All Wrong (Album)
This woman is so prolific, it hurts. She's amazing and at times I lean into her work to get me off the floor and writing again. 'I'll Try' is a standout atmospheric track on this intimate album. Ear fucking worm!

The Big Moon - Here Is Everything
I wasn't sure if I would like this album to begin with -- maybe I found the sound too predictable and indie at first glance; I was wrong. This is a great alternative darker pop record that is unafraid to work with themes around pregnancy, motherhood and breastfeeding, without hesitation. I find that in itself a significantly brave feminist action and I applaud this record.

Ural Thomas & The Pain
I needed an album like this earlier in the year, to lift me out of something greyish and dull. This classic soul voice shares experience and love, pure medicine to get you out of an unnecessary morose headspace. Lightness of touch with the lo-fi production too. Its an understated joy. Ural has a life story you need to find out about...!

The Joy - "Egoli" (single)
South African harmony group. This is utterly addictive in its groove, beauty, bass tones, harmonic magic.

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (TV show)
I loved this. So much. 1970's culture at its worst yet the energy is in evidence, that a cultural evolutionary step is within reach. Heteropatriarchy propped up by the massive talent of black basketball players and the shrewd business sense of female underlings and patronised daughters. Watch as they rise against and change history! There was some backlash to the screen play (apparently re-writing the character history a little). Fair enough, the backlash should air those concerns...now go watch it!

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