Earlier this year, Mike Kinsella and his cousin/American Football bandmate Nate Kinsella launched their new band Lies with two new songs, and now they’ve released a third, “Summer Somewhere.” It’s a pulsating, synthy art pop song, and Mike Kinsella’s unmistakable way with words and melodies makes it scratch the same itch as his classic material, despite the stylistic departure.

It also comes with a video directed by Nate and filmed by Chris Strong, and Nate says, “‘Summer Somewhere’ is about longing for fulfillment and the sense that there’s always something better further afield than home. The video consists of a man and a woman, distanced from each other but connected by a rope, with their kids left to navigate between them in the dark.” Check it out below.

Lies will make their live debut at Urbana, Illinois’ Pygmalion festival on September 24.