Life of Agony continue to run into very strange and alarming issues on their current tour. After their Las Vegas show was cancelled due to a fan sending terroristic threats over text in relation to that show, singer Mina Caputo was bitten by a fan at the band's San Diego show last night (5/22). Mina tweeted a picture of the fan and wrote "This girl assaulted & fanatically bit my leg 2nite at the show in #SanDiego She’s still out there All venues/bands should ban her from attending shows She’s sick Thnx 2the fans who separated us I don’t need medical attention thank heavens Respect2 the San Diego police 4helping."

Another attendee posted two videos of the incident. In one, you can hear Joey Z say, "We don't need any stupid motherfuckers in here so whoever that was, throw 'em the fuck out." In the other, Mina addresses the crowd and says "Fuckin' Vegas, now [this]? I'm supposed to feel good? What the fuck?" You can watch below.

LOA's tour continues, including a third NYC show on 9/29 at Bowery Ballroom with Silvertomb, the band featuring former Type O Negative members Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly (tickets).

(h/t The PRP)