Scottish group Life Without Buildings were only together for a couple years, long enough to release their debut album, Any Other City, in 2001, and break up soon after. The band had a very unique sound, with singer Sue Tompkins' stream-of-conscious sprechgesang poetry flowing overtop atmospheric, mathy post-punk. The record has gained a cult following over the years, but was shoved into the spotlight earlier this year when the band's debut single, "The Leanover," became an unlikely viral TikTok hit, with hundreds of thousands of videos using the song.

Any Other City just celebrated its 20th anniversary last week (February 26) and between that and the new interest in the band, is getting a vinyl reissue on April 23 via Rough Trade. (The album originally was released via Rough Trade imprint Tugboat and got a Record Store Day reissue in 2014.) You can pre-order now and listen to the album below.


"PS Exclusive"
"Let’s Get Out"
"The Leanover"
"Young Offenders"
"14 Days"
"New Town"

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