"Last weekend, the invigorated Lifetime geared up for the massive Bamboozle festival at the mansion-on-the-hill Meadowlands by watering its old roots in the cramped, dank basement of the Court Tavern, home to many legendary Jersey punk and hardcore shows over the years. No less than a decade ago, Lifetime held court as the Rutger's basement band of choice (after all, 'Theme Song for a New Brunswick Basement Show' wasn't written for nothin'), growing wheels and touring the country multiple times, but always staying the town's house organ and the trusted reference guide to younger N.B. groups such as Thursday and Midtown." [Daily News reporter Andrew Katchen was there]

Ticketweb says tickets go on sale Friday for a July 8th (2006) Lifetime show at Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Full tour info can't be far behind.