NJ melodic hardcore/emo band Lifetime were initially around between 1990 and 1997, during which time they released three albums and a few EPs that proved to be massively influential on the emo/pop punk boom of the following decade. Lifetime finally reunited in the mid 2000s and then released a new self-titled album in 2007 (on Decaydance, the Fueled By Ramen imprint run by Pete Wentz of one of the biggest Lifetime-inspired bands, Fall Out Boy), but they've quieted down since then, popping up for more reunion shows here and there, as members made music in other projects like Paint It Black, Beach Rats, and Open City. It's been over 14 years since Lifetime released any new music, but it looks like that might finally be changing. The band updated their Facebook with this:


That's all we know for now, but consider us excited! We'll update as soon as we hear more. While you wait, watch a full-set video of one of their recent reunion shows, as well as a classic live video from 1997:

(h/t Mia)




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