Thetan are a powerviolence duo from Nashville, but they also collaborate with rappers. They put out an entire album with Kool Keith last year, and now they've got a new song with Lil B. It's called "Based Serenade," and it's a very abstract dose of rap rock that's closer to the Judgement Night soundtrack than to Limp Bizkit (whose Fred Durst gets namedropped on this song). GG Allin gets namedropped too.

Thetan's Dan Emery says, "This project took a while to fully come together. It was some deep quarantine stir crazy stuff at first. I knew I wanted to do something to follow Space Goretex that was equally as conceptually abstract, but a lot grimier. People kept saying with that album how they wished that we had done some unhinged hardcore, and just got real ignorant with it. Well, that's where we went with this one. I felt that Lil B was the best candidate to do this type of stuff with, because he's really open to being avant-garde. As far as the instrumentation goes, we took the approach that we took with the Kool Keith record and exaggerated the shit out of it. Where that record was all about being funky and dark, this track is menacing and ugly. I also really wanted to put a steel drum on this track, just so people now have to credit me as a multi-instrumentalist and list steel drums to my credits."

Thetan are also planning live shows and multiple releases for 2022, including a new full-length. Stay tuned. Listen to "Based Serenade" below...


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