Lil' Kim is officially back, and gearing up to release her first album in 14 years, 9, on May 17 via eOne/Queen Bee Entertainment. It features her 2019 single "Nasty One," as well as the newer "Go Awff," which samples The xx's "Dangerous." "Go Awff" just got the video treatment (directed by Damien Sandoval), and you can check that out below.

Last year, Kim talked to Billboard about the new album:

Things change, and I want to give my fans what I did and little bit of something new. And another thing too: my fans have seen me on some hardcore shit. They’ve seen me on some gutter “I’m a gangstress, I will shoot your ass if you play me or you steal from me.” They’ve seen that. I’ve done that. And last but not least… I’ve lived that. So it’s like, let’s see another side of Kim. Why not? Let’s see a fun side, a sexy side... well that’s always there, but a lot of the music I’ve been making is about relationships. I have a song on the album called “Missing,” and it’s basically what it is: “if you keep playing with my feelings and my emotions, they’re gonna find you missing.” [laughs] So that gives a little bit of Kim, a little bit of new. It’s good to see another side. My music doesn’t have to be super gangster all the time. It’s nice to remind people that this is what I do, but at the end of the day I was a kid when I released my first album. Now I’m like this woman, this sexy kitten that knows myself now. I like having fun. I deserve to have fun. I had a whole baby. [laughs]

[...] I have a few songs that are my favorites, and every song has a different vibe. I think people are gonna be shocked. Even when they hear “Nasty One,” they’re gonna be shocked when they hear that whole song is me. When we got to the video shoot, my glam team was like, “Oh is the other artist coming?” We were like “What?” They’re like, “Yeah the other artist on the song.” Then [my manager] was like “That’s Kim,” and they’re like, “Oh shoot! That’s different!” And I like different.

Read more here and stay tuned for 9.

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