Norwegian space disco king Lindstrøm is back with his first album in four years, Everyone Else Is A Stranger, which will be out July 14 via Smalltown Supersound. The title was inspired by John Cassavetes' original title for his 1984 film Love Streams, which also would make a good name for a Lindstrøm album. It's four lengthy tracks and is decidedly more dancefloor-forward than 2019's ambient-leaning On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever.

You can listen to opening cut "Syreen" now. "I stumbled upon ‘Syreen’ when working on a new uptempo track for my liveset," says Lindstrøm. "It means lilac in Norwegian, a flower that symbolizes love & new beginnings. Nothing is more welcoming than the spring after a cold winter. Enjoy ‘Syreen,’ the spring and life itself!" Listen below.

attachment-Lindstrøm - Everyone Else is a Stranger

Everyone Else Is A Stranger
1. Syreen
2. Nightswim
3. The Rind
4. Everyone Else is a Stranger

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