Kristin Hayter, aka Lingua Ignota, was planning to play a few shows this fall, in NYC (a date which had been rescheduled from April of 2020 because of COVID), Chicago and Boston, supporting her new album Sinner Get Ready. She's now postponed those shows until spring of 2022, with new dates to be announced. In a statement, she writes:

I am so sorry to let you all know I've decided to postpone all my shows until Spring 2022. New dates for Boston, Chicago, and New York are forthcoming. I feel terrible about doing this but I know I can't give you the performances you deserve right now -- significantly: I can't sing. A couple months ago I had an upper molar extraction/bone graft that was much gnarlier than expected and the damage extended into my sinuses and is taking forever to heal. Rehearsing for these shows reopened my wound and has further prolonged my healing process. I Am also emotionally/mentally completely fucked from two very dark years which I will fully speak on when I feel able, and I know I cannot give you 100% in any capacity at this point. I need time to regain my sense of self. I hope you can forgive me and understand. I want these shows to be spectacular. Thank you to my booking agent, management, and the venues for working with me on this. I will see you IRL in 2022, in the meantime I will continue to create and write. Love you all.

Get better soon, Kristin!

Stream Sinner Get Ready below.

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