Lionlimb, aka musician and Angel Olsen collaborator Stewart Bronaugh, will release a new album, Spiral Groove, on November 12 via Bayonet. The 10 songs here were all written while Stewart recovered from neck surgery, and then recorded with regular collaborators Joshua Jaeger and Jonathan Sumner. They started mixing the album when Covid hit, which slowed the process down but also allowed him to explore design and filmmaking, all of which figure into Spiral Groove.

Angel Olsen says of the album, “Right from the start, Spiral Groove pulls us into a rhythmic soundscape, erupting over and over with guitar, piano, synth, drums building and subsiding and returning again with joyful urgency. Above it all Stewart Bronaugh sings cool and steady about his close experiences with death, what it means to endure your losses and the gift of being able to recognize the most real love in your life."

The first single from Spiral Groove is "Loveland Pass," an instantly appealing, piano-led bit of orch pop about Bronaugh's experience with panic attacks. “It was like a door opened I never knew existed and there didn’t seem to be anything I could do to stop or control them,” says Bronaugh. “Loveland Pass is one of the highest mountain passes in Colorado that has been the site of numerous avalanches, plane and car crashes. When I wrote this song I felt like I was having my own avalanches. The tiniest thought capable of feeding back into intense fear and panic, similar to an avalanche once something would get knocked loose up there and start to slide there wasn’t really anything you could do."

You can watch the video for "Loveland Pass" below.


Spiral Groove tracklist
1. Electric
2. Everyday
3. Gone
4. Here
5. Lifespan
6. Loveland Pass
7. Nothing
8. Real Life
9. Temporary
10. Ultraviolet

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