Portland, Maine's Lisa/Liza (aka Liza Victoria) will release her new album Shelter of a Song on November 20 via Orindal Records. "These songs were written while dealing with chronic illness," Liza says. "When I was actively writing in these last two years, it was often in my strongest moments of healing, which has made this album a different process for me than others before it. The times when I felt well enough to sit with music allowed me a new kind of joy, because of these struggles with health. My vision and hope for this collection of songs is they would allow room for the listener to find their own interpretations, similar to how someone might make a quilt where each piece holds personal connection but in its use it takes on additional shape."

"I had been spending a lot of my down times on hikes and walks," she continues. "Nature became something vital to my heart both in healing and health. I always enjoy writing about what surrounds me as a way to preserve memory or draw out memory from my past. Perhaps in preserving these memories in song, I’m allowed some small agency to let them go, as I know I can come back to them again. Writing these songs helped me to affirm moments of peace and resolution. Writing music is a place of great comfort for me, and it has only become more apparent to me how great a companion it is."

We're premiering the album's first single, "From This Shelter," which is a gorgeous offering of delicate, bare-bones, somber folk music. It's a quiet, minimal song, but hypnotic enough to stop you in your tracks and tune out all the many distractions of everyday life. Listen below.

The album is up for pre-order, and all revenue from digital pre-order sales will go to two charity organizations: 50% to Our Family Farms' Farmworker Housing Fund and 50% to Therapy for Black Girls.

Lisa/Liza Shelter of a Song

Dark Alleys (4:52)
From This Shelter (5:24)
The Sun, A Wolf (6:27)
Red Leaves (6:27)
Saddle Life (4:45)
I Am Handed Roses (5:39)
The Aquarium (6:56)
Not Ours (5:27)


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