by Black Bubblegum

Rival Schools

Liskfest, aka the festival in Cali that Gorilla Biscuits was reuniting for, has been cancelled due to "poor ticket sales". Rival Schools were supposed to play the fest too. Check out a new/unreleased track streaming at their myspace...

"Sweet" was on the vinyl version of United By Fate. I'm not sure now why it didn't make the album because I really like it now (hindsight!). It's very poppy and has a New Order-ish feel that is only hinted at on the rest of the record. The lyrics are about hidden relationships, there's a lot of them, lyrics I mean. Anyhoo, while we're getting our new stuff together and gearing up for our US shows thought this might be interesting for the page.

Both NYC-area Rival Schools shows are now sold out. Updated tour dates below...

Rival Schools - 2008 Tour DAtes
Thu 10/09/08 Los Angeles, CA Echo
Fri 10/10/08 San Diego, CA Brick By Brick
Sat 10/11/08 Irvine, CA Oak Canyon Park Liskfest
Sun 10/12/08 San Francisco, CA Bottom Of The Hill
Mon 11/03/08 Philadelphia, PA The Khyber
Tue 11/04/08 Hoboken, NJ Maxwell's
Wed 11/05/08 Baltimore, MD Ottobar
Thu 11/06/08 New York, NY Mercury Lounge
Sat 11/08/08 Austin, TX Waterloo Park Fun Fun Fest

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