Sun's Signature, the duo of former Cocteau Twins vocalist Elizabeth Fraser and partner (and Massive Attack drummer) Damon Reece, released their self-titled EP last month as a Record Store Day vinyl exclusive. While this is absolutely a collaborative project, Sun's Signature, perhaps more than any other record Fraser has ever been on, is by design a delivery device for her Voice of God. It's wonderful stuff that recalls both Cocteau Twins and Fraser's work with Massive Attack -- "Underwater" was originally an extremely limited edition solo single in 2000, just a couple years after "Teardrop," and sounds like it -- but also takes her voice into new, magical realms. The luxurious "Golden Air" and "Bluedusk" are the aural equivalent of walking through a big budget Ridley Scott fantasy film. All you really need to know is this is five new(ish) songs all with Elizabeth Fraser in the spotlight, and the the music lives up to her ethereal pipes.

Sun's Signature has now been released to streaming services, and you can listen below.

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