Porridge Radio have covered The Shins' life-changing single "New Slang." It's the b-side to the UK band's new entry in the Sub Pop Singles Club, with the a-side being a cover of Wolf Parade's “You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son.” Dana Margolin keeps some of the original's wistful eeriness, but makes it a uniquely Porridge Radio song.

“Sub Pop are a label I’ve loved for a long time, and when they asked if we wanted to release some songs with them this summer, I looked through their back catalog and chose 2 songs to cover that had a big impact on me as a teenager."

The single will be out as a 7" single on August 7. You can listen to "New Slang" below.

The Shins' Oh Inverted World, which includes "New Slang" and 10 other great songs, just celebrated its 20th anniversary.

You can pick up the special double-vinyl edition of Porridge Radio's fantastic 2020 album Every Bad in the BV shop.


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