by BBG


Pittsburgh's Slices caused a bit of a stir with 2010's Cruising, a barrage of hardcore and noise rock that hit on Iron Lung Records last year (yes, the label for the band Iron Lung who recently dropped the new Dead Language). Now the band, which features members of Brain Handle, Warzone Womyn, and others will release a new 7" this week via Kemado (the label that also just out Futur Skullz). The two song monster features the Pissed Jeans-y opening track "Modern Bride" (streaming below) and the flip "Chump Change". Fans of negative and nihilistic hardcore take note.

Stream "Modern Bride" below and check out some live video

Slices - "Modern Bride"

Slices_07/01/10 in Oakland

Slices - Guide to Incest